PGP Wedding Workshop

April 7th, 2019

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Workshop Overview

I want to help you succeed and grow a business based on YOUR goals. Whether you want to shoot only a few weddings a year part time or want to go full time – it’s not about dreaming – it’s about doing. I want you to walk away with actionable items that will help you get where you want to be.

– Peter

Location & Time

April 7th 2019
9AM to 5PM

Intercontinental Hotel
505 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Here’s a map link

Sign Up - $450


This wedding workshop is for photographers who want to learn an easier approach to weddings, for photographers who might be getting burned out or feel creatively stale, for photographers want to book better clients, be more confident and spend less time editing photos.

I will open up my entire business to you, from financial reports to client email templates and everything in between.

Part 1: The Business

During the first part of the workshop, we’ll talk about everything and anything dealing with the business side of wedding photography. Some of the topics will include the following, but realistically no topic is off limits.

How to price for your market and your experience level
Defining your brand and what it means to you and to your clients
How to market, where to market and what kind of marketing has the most impact in Chicago
I'll show you the importance of networking and identify important circles to join
When to blog, how often to blog and how to get the most out of SEO (search engine optimization)
Social Media
Get the most engagement out of your social media, the why and when behind each post
Ideal Client
Let's define your ideal client and talk about why this is important to your business
I'll show you my contract and we will discuss real world copyright infringement


We’ll go through all the topics listed below and we’ll do an engagement session with a real couple, not models.

Live Shoot & Posing
Authentic posing that will look great and natural while making sure your couples have a great experience with you
What makes certain photos feel so good and others just wrong? Let's understand what good composition is and then break the rules
Don't spend 40+ hours per wedding - my shooting and editing workflow significantly cuts down on time spent in front of a computer
I'll show you the importance of networking and identify important circles to join
Camera Settings
Are you still on auto? Let's get out of there - I'll show you why manual everything is easy
Chicago Logistics
We're not in Big Sur - we're in Chicago and have an insane amount of traffic, weather that changes every 5 minutes and more...
Trends vs Reality
Let's talk about why you need to stop buying trendy presets and start forging real relationships with your couples
Shooting Purposefully
We'll talk about how to shoot with purpose and how this impacts everything you do. Stop spraying and praying.

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Invest in yourself and your business

Sign up - $450

About Peter Gubernat

I originally started in fashion photography and soon after moved over to weddings because I fell in love with weddings. Here’s some of my accomplishments which I think qualify me to teach this workshop:

  • Built 4 wedding industry businesses
  • Each business has $100,000+ / year in revenue
  • Coached numerous photographers
  • Taught at college level

Peter Gubernat

Photographer / Storyteller / Business Coach


Is there a live shoot?

Yes, we’ll be photographing a couple in the area for about an hour. You’ll see exactly what I do and how. Then we’ll process the images in Lightroom so you can see the entire workflow.

Where and When?

9:00 AM – at the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago – 505 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 (see map below)

Will there be food?

Yes! It’s an all day workshop. We’ll have coffee in the morning and lunch around 1pm.

I want to sign up, what's next?

Click ‘sign up’ anywhere on this site – you’ll be directed to Paypal. Once payment is complete you’ll receive an email from me personally welcoming you to the workshop and confirming your seat!

I have more questions...

Awesome. shoot me an email at